Feast of Lanterns

Story Telling

Once upon a moonlit night,
a Feast of Lanterns was said to delight.
Many did brave a venture out east,
To connect with others, to shop, and to feast.
And once the sun set, the moon did arise,
to make itself known, all high in the sky.
Casting her light down from above,
a peaceful mood was set, as all had enough.
A feeling of contentment spread through the crowd,
A joyous feeling was spoken aloud.
A boisterous band struck up a tune,
and people were dancing, underneath the moon.
But the lanterns glowed brightly, strung across the park,
Keeping the evening lit, well into the dark.
Neighbors put faces to names that they’d seen,
Only on social media, and through mobile screens.
A speech and a drink were shared with a song,
And though it seemed the celebration could last all night long,
The neighbors had to get back to their homes,
though none would forget just how bright the lanterns shown.